Tuesday, October 13

Purple Autumn

Another Autumn themed challenge to distract me from my Christmas makes, this time at the Daring Card Makers.

Not just Autumn mind you but 'Purple Autumn'. I decided to experiment with a design I had seen in blue and silver on a book jacket.
Some bits didn't quite go as planned but I think I might use a bit more heat embossing on some of my Christmas cards.

There were no bridges to build yesterday, I just thought the little red bridge looked cute and that if you crossed over it you might find little imps and fairies.

Feeling much better after spending most of Saturday in bed, but got very little crafting done.

Today my thoughts have turned to dog insurance, do I renew? The Hairy Horror is getting on in years and not only have they added £100 to our usual premium, they have hiked up the excesses and exclusions. This means we would get very little benefit from claiming unless she was involved in some terrible accident or ate someone who then sued us. I'm going to give them a ring and see what they have to say for themselves. Regrettably, it is likely that, due to her age, she will die in the next few years, 5 if we are lucky, so they have excluded death by illness! I have paid at least £2000 to them in the last 10 years and I feel that enough is enough.

** Kate **


Janice said...

Nice card, Kate. Does your insurance cover medication? By the end of our dog's life, we were paying out about £30 a month in medication for arthritis and her heart. If it doesn't I would ditch it.

Lynda said...

Lovely card and fabulously purple! Thanks for joining in with DCM this week.

Lynda xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card and what a cute little owl. :)