Saturday, November 7

Just one of those days

Small-N-Grubby has been under the weather for a few days , we thought he was on the mend until he threw up his breakfast this morning. Despite this I still got to escape to a Christmas Fayre with my sister, but it was very disappointing and we came away with nothing. Thinking about it afterwards there were at least 3 stalls I remember buying from last year that weren't there this time. Anyway, it put a dampener on the morning.

I hadn't been home long enough to put the kettle on when the electricity went off. There was a very helpful message when I rang the supplier saying that an underground cable had been severed and so the power had been switched off for safety reasons. The repair was expected to take all afternoon.

SMO took the Dinky Diva and Branston out for a walk and I tried to persuade Small-N-Grubby that the best place for him was under the duvet. SMO arrived back with takeaway coffees just as the power came back on about 3.30. He passed me the drinks and then went back outside to get the pushchair. I warmed my hands on the cup and was completely oblivious to the fact that he had tripped out the door, twisted his ankle and rolled down the road. Apparently, people coming out of the corner shop rushed across the road to help him as his tumble looked so impressive.

Early nights all round I think.

** Kate **


Janice said...

Oh dear, hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh poor small n grubby and poor thoughtful DH! Amazing how much you miss from inside the house. Hope the days ahead see improvement all around.