Monday, November 16

Mojo musings

Totally lacking mojo this weekend. It has taken a hike, perhaps even gone on a world tour.
My musing for today is this, and had Einstein still been with us I'm sure he would already have the formula worked out :

Creative inspiration is inversely proportionate to time available.
That is to say when you have absolutely no time what ever available to craft your ideas are limitless and you are sketching out little ideas on the backs of envelopes in the Post Office queue. Conversely, when you have set aside loads of time at the weekend, and have a whole list of things that need doing, you will create nothing.

Did manage to brings a few pieces of jewellery together on Sunday night, but there has been no chance to photograph them in the light today.

So here instead is the Dinky Diva and Small-N-Grubby with their ballet medal booty. Yep it was that time again this weekend, it came around really fast.
Fingers crossed for the return of inspiration tomorrow.

** Kate **


Janice said...

Does that mean small-n-grubby is feeling better? Well done to them both for their awards. I've left an award for you on my blog, hope it helps bring your mojo out of hiding.

Julia Dunnit said...

It's totally true. Same with housework..the more there is to do, the less I do. Perverse, life.