Monday, November 2

Monday Musings #9

Cute photo overload this weekend with lots of firsts for the Branston Pickle.

We went on a spooky treasure hunt at old Sarum on Friday looking for pumpkins in the style of famous characters from history. Here's Small-n-Grubby with Henry VIII.
Lots of running up and down battlements and ruins.
SMO and Branston contemplate the defences.
On Sunday Branston tried out a puddle suit his cousin had grown out of (thank you very much). He loved it as we no longer had to remove him every time he found some muck to get into. How cute is he? (Not that I am biased or anything.)
He loves water, any he can find.
Later he managed to fall from this step and has a grazed face to prove it.
Despite the torrential rain in the morning we were even able to get him onto Granddad's allotment for the 1st time. Here seen helping Small-N-Grubby with a thoughtful moment.
** Kate **

P.S. yes the pumpkin was Pooh. By Sunday morning Branston had stolen his ears and tried to eat them so he looks even sorrier for himself now!


Julia Dunnit said...

Ah great photos, memories of our Old Sarum with children days, it's a great place.

Kathy said...

oh bless! what fab photos, Kate

Mandy Stapleton said...

At least he was well used, lol. xox