Thursday, November 5

NEC Crafts for Christmas

Had a bit of a re-organise on the blog, not quite how I want it yet, but getting there.

Crafts for Christmas starts today at the NEC (runs 5-8 Nov) and hopefully Creative Moments will have taken some of my latest projects with them. Lots of lovely Prima supplies were involved.
If you're going I hope you can try and find Claire and Margaret on the stand and have a look at the projects.

I've had a bit of a craft spend of my own yesterday at a nearish shop. Lots of new stamps to play with, just have to find time now to get making!

** Kate **


Kathy said...

wow! Kate these are fab - you've been so busy! I'm not going to the NEC so it's lovely to have a chance to see your projects on your blog

Kath said...

Oooh, lovely work,Kate. A shame you can't go to see it all. Well done.

Hazel said...

I'd love to go the NEC, but no chance. All your crafting is super x