Another Snowy Day

Except today we have some sunshine, which was absent all day yesterday.

We ventured out before lunch in the end as we couldn't wait any longer for the weather to brighten up.

The Dinky Diva managed to look quite sophisticated.

She has said she will never cut her hair again, which should be interesting. She hates those wellies and is after some more grown up ones.

wisely he thought better of bunging that at me and chucked it at the fence instead.

And lastly Branston himself who absolutely adored the white stuff and didn't want to come in.
We jointly made a snow creature.
and even managed to get the picture shown on children's tv which made the kids day.

Got through the day with no fighting, shouting sulking or strops, not sure if we will be as successful today - novelty worn off, snack foods running out!

This morning is much colder and the back window looked like this first thing.
Not sure if we will venture out today or not. I've got lots of craft sales parcels on the way from Christmas voucher spending but I don't know if they will get through yet?

** Kate **


Kathy said…
Great pics! Looks like they all had lots of fun

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