Tuesday, January 19

Lets Play Peeka!

For those who are not parents, or students for that matter, and don't know what on earth I'm on about it's a phrase from Waybaloo, the mind altering children's programme on CBeebies. Branston is particularly fond and LauLau is his current favorite. He has even been known to say 'Balooooo'.

In my case we're playing peeka with my latest DT work for Creative Moments. I've finished making and I'm now on the typing up of instructions so I won't show the full pictures until the projects have safely reached Yeovil. But in the meantime here are some peeks at the lovely materials I had to play with.
Yesterday was miserable Monday. I had a dental appointment for a filling and still feel like I had botox and a lip plump. I think one of the things I dislike, hate most about visiting the dentist is the abusive nature of the relationship between dentist and patient. They bash you around and then send you home drooling!
** Kate **

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Kath said...

Hope your mouth is ok now, Kate. Looking forward to seeing what you have made.