Sunday, January 17

Mini Gig

A bit like the Guides 'Big Gig' but only mini-er, with littler people and just one band. But still, a long time since I saw a live band and taking 5 year olds to see their 1st rock band was a fun experience!
Is it obligatory now that if you are in a band at least one person must be wearing a hat at all times?

The Dinky Diva was there too with the Brownies as it was a cross section centenary event. She absolutely loved it. There were so many girls there from across the area we met up with people we hadn't seen for ages - friends and fun!

My Rainbows thought it was very giggly (as they do about most things!) that the singer's shadow kept appearing in different colours on the wall.
It was one of those times I really wished I had taken my bigger camera, I must get used to grabbing it instead/as well as the compact.

Right, back to the crafting.

** Kate **

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Janice said...

How fab! It wasn't like that when I was in the Brownies!