Wednesday, January 13

Snow Has Fallen Snow On Snow, Snow On Snow

Yep another couple of inches of snow last night and the schools are closed again this morning. Everything seems much whiter than last week. I think it's because the snow has fallen onto frozen snow and every millimetre of it has stayed there.

There's just one solitary bit of wildlife huddled in the garden.
Well there is another wild thing but that only goes out when I force it to.
"Stop taking stupid pictures and let me in!".

I've ordered some new storage in an attempt to kick start the new year tidy-up, just as soon as the DT work is finished. I've decided to go with Really Useful Boxes as I have started collecting them and I want to get rid of all the shoe boxes! Eventually I might have to splash out on custom made storage shelves from Storage4Crafts.

** Kate **

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