Wednesday, January 6

White Out

Yep, I think it must be snowing everywhere today! My 1st entry of 2010 is about SNOW!

I have been taking pictures stood in the back doorway. We are planning on venturing out after lunch as it is supposed to have eased up a bit by then.

We haven't had as much snow as some areas, about this much.
The Hairy Horror only took this many steps and then came back in.
I've been obsessed with photographing snowflakes, throwing the background out of focus and just trying to capture the falling snow.
I keep seeing that the falling flakes have got bigger and then rushing off to try again. This is my favorite flake so far!
Really hope I can get outside properly later.

** Kate **

P.S. making a few changes on the blog layout, fed up with my 3 columns not going where I want them. If anything isn't looking right please comment and let me know! I've also blogged over at I {Heart} Patchwork Pals.

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Scrappelise said...

Hi! It`s so fun to read your blog and you have so nice winterpictures! Here it has been so very cold for a long time, it is nearly dangerous. But it is so very, very beautiful outside now!