February Half Term

I thought I might elaborate in order to explain myself. You see, the Dinky Diva and Small-N-Grubby are both involved with a local dance studio and every February half term they put on a show. This means that throughout the whole week they are either rehearsing or performing late into the evenings.

So what do you do with them during the days that won't tire them out before it's time to dance. Well you stay in of course, watch DVD's etc until everyone has cabin fever. Then we briefly venture out into the daylight blinking like nocturnal monstrosities before returning to our pit for a snooze until it's time to get dancing.

They love this whole experience of **Putting**On**A**Show**, you have to say that bit whilst waving jazz hands. It's all very grown up staying up late at night. But there are butterflies in tummies which cause bad moods and late nights mean tired bleary eyes. Add to all this the tension of PRIZES. Yes, at the end of the week they give out the annual dance studio awards for most improved, most hardworking and this year a new best show performance award.

The atmosphere here is electric, just watch you don't get shocked.

** Kate **


Janice said…
Gosh they are young for all that, but I suppose I was about Dinky Diva age when I did my first 'Dancing Display' which would be the equivalent. Don't remember many late nights though.

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