Matchbox Swap

I recently entered my 1st, and last!!!, matchbox swap on a forum. It's a great idea in principle you decorate and fill a match box with crafty goodies and then swap them. To begin with when I was just collecting the filling it was quite fun. Like looking for special tiny treasures for a fairy! The feeling didn't last as I realised just how small, fiddly and delicate a homemade cardboard matchbox is!!

Here is the rather more splendid effort I received in exchange. I can't reveal who from as some people in the swap haven't had theirs yet, especially as I only posted mine yesterday - more about that later.
It needed it's own special bag to handle the overflow - wish I'd thought of that. Love the pale blue and chocolate brown colour scheme. Close-up of the beautiful butterfly on the matchbox itself.
Thank you very much secret matchbox sender.

Back to the Post Office .............

It was kind of a weird visit as a woman was being quite impatient with a man in a wheel chair that she was with. He had to go out the ramp door, for obvious reasons, but the shop she was going to next was nearer another door and she was not going to expend the energy needed to walk with him. She stomped off out and left him to meet her. The automatic doors wouldn't open (I often get this with the pushchair as it's too low) and so he was stuck. By then she was back inside talking to him like he was a naughty child, went to go down the ramp with him and the doors jammed shut! Couldn't have happened to a nicer woman I thought, but this still left the man in the wheelchair trapped inside. She started hammering on a window so I mentioned to the cashier that there was a problem and she started shouting "don't force those doors" as a couple of guys started to try beat on them. All turned into a bit of a farce!

My take on the whole thing - typical of a visit to the Post Office!!!

** Kate **


Annette said…
Wow that matchbox is amazing and the goodies. sandra x

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