Big news!!

Where has today gone. It is racing away and leaving me behind.

BIG news to announce from yesterday. I will be joining the design team over at By The Cute And Girly. I am very excited about working with lots of new people and getting stuck into lots of projects (and a little bit nervous too!)

The theme for march is 'Spring is in the air' and I will be playing along with that one when I get the chance. My 1st official projects will be for April and theme will have to be secret until then! I'm lucky I know what the theme is, it's taken me 3 days to find the information when it's been sat in front of my face all along!

New experiences and lots to learn. All very new and spring like.

The conclusion of yesterday's tidying has left me with this picture for 'What's on your workdesk Wednesday'.
Not ideal but getting there, Rome wasn't built in a day and all that. Let's face it building Rome has to be a lot easier than getting your craft stuff tidied and under control.

The pile of pizza boxes contain my current projects. I can scribble on the side so I know which is which and if the finished projects needed posting the box is ready and waiting. If not, I just scribble the next project on there and start again. I never seem to run out of nice clean pizza boxes, where can they all be coming from?!?
The jar on the top has just arrived from my mum and promptly been filled with my expanding flower collection. That's the collection that is expanding, not the flowers, I need to invent them, they would look good on craft projects. Now I'll have to find a home for the jar too.
Small-N-Grubby off school ill today. So it looks like the Pickle didn't keep his germs to himself after all. They are both getting into mischief this afternoon, so I think that's back to school tomorrow.

** Kate **


Paula Gale said…
Well done on the DT call!!! Good luck with that. Love the name you call your child - I could think of a lot worse for mine tee hee!!!

let me know when you've invented the expanding flowers - i'll buy some!!!

Paula x x x
Wipso said…
Welcome to WOYWW. Love your jar of flowers.
A x
Helen said…
The flowers look great in that jar. Hope the little'uns get better soon.
Pam said…
Well done on DT. Sounds like you are busy not only tidying but poorly children as well, hope they are on the mend soon. Hugs Pam
Yvonne said…
Congratulations on the DT spot.
Oh I do love these jars very handy got the LARGE and the tiny ones.
Love the piled up look, perfect I would say!
Julia Dunnit said…
Congrats ont he DT spot - go you! Don't be nervous - settle back and enjoy. And don't worry about the pizza box thing..if they grow too fast, you can send me some! Do you stand at the changeing table to craft then? Do you ever sit?
Tonya said…
Congrats on the DT spot. I have jars too for my flowers - When I purchase candles I make sure it's a jar candle with a lid and then recycle it haha.
pinky said…
Welcome to the DT Kate, don't be nervous, by the time April comes you'll be an old hand lol. Just have fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Hugs
Spyder said…
Love your flowers and well done on the DT spot!
Linda Elbourne said…
Congratulations on the DT call and your desk is looking mighty fine :0)

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