Thursday, March 11

Labour of Love

Several years ago in Crafts Beautiful there was an article to make one of these. Ever since I've been collecting up the bits to make my own version and after several failed attempts I decided I would complete it this Mother's Day or give up.Sorry I didn't keep the details of which designer made it, but she must have had the patience of a saint. What with chopping up oasis and Branston Pickle running off with my Flower Soft, I thought there was going to be a very big mess. I'm quite pleased with the finished result, but I will probably never make one again. I have some mini pots left that I might put paper flowers in and I may incorporate beaded flowers on another project.

I'm entering this and the card below for the March themes at By The Cute and Girly - Spring and Crafty Calendar Challenge #6 - Flower Power.

Yesterday's picture prompted lots of lovely comments. I think a messy Wednesday workspace is definitely more interesting, spying all the hidden treasures. The crisps belong to Small-N-Grubby but I did sneak a few. The cupboard at the back with the lattice doors has acrylic blocks, peg stamps and a few boxed stamp sets in.

The wooden letters are not destined for any exciting project. I use them for sponging or misting over. Like in the card I made to go with the flower pot. I've got 2 sets of the letters (they were only a couple of quid) one for messy projects and one clean set I use for drawing round and cutting out.

Feeling much better today and managed to get up the hill to school this morning without having to choose between breathing and speaking, although I still had to stop and catch my breath as we reached the top.

** Kate **


pinky said...

Love your card kate, like how you stencilled the M. That flowerpot of beaded flowers is beautiful. Thanks for sharing at BTC&G

Helen said...

Thanks for dropping by my workspace! The boxes were MEANT to be decorated when I first got them - many years ago.... it's on the "to do one day" list... I wish I could find some more of the taller units, they were fab, but I can't find them anywhere now and badly need several more!!

Vicki said...

wow that card is fabulous. and yes that was a morph in my photo - he holds my paintbrushes in the craft room.

Angie said...

I agree I love that card too .... was it on Vicki's blog that you saw the table cloth ?

Lisa Jane said...

I love your little flowerpot - but i totally understand it when you say you wont be making one again lol!I have made many projects and said that afterwards .The card is lovely - i love te stencilled M and the flourishes
Lisa ;)

Julia Dunnit said...

Well I would like to applaud you for coming back to the flowers until they were done. I would have givenup at the first hurdle! They look great - if you really are going to give them to your Mum, I know she'll be really pleased!

Kathy said...

The little potted "plants" look so pretty and the card is lovely. Hope you're all keeping well now

Lora said...

Wow Kate that must of took you ages! Well done for finishing it though, and it looks fab!
Love the flourish you have used on your card. I have been wanting a nice flourish stamp for ages but every time I have the money to buy stamps, I forget to buy one lol.
Lora x