Monday, March 22

Monday Musings

Haven't mused on a Monday for a while so I thought I would share some pictures from last week.

We were off to look for signs of spring.
Grandma's summer house being usable, rather than like the Arctic, if definitely a sign of spring as is being out in the garden.

A few flowers were about.
No Daffodils though, they are still in very short supply.

This is the plant mum wanted me to photograph. It's a Japanese Anemone and it seems to have it's seasons all wrong.
It's gone to an amazing seed head in spring. Maybe it's Autumn in Japan now?
Didn't find any baby birds in here.
He did play a lovely cute game though where he kept lifting the lid and pretending to sprinkle food inside.

I have good news to report, my purple passions have been satiated in the shape of the new Jasmyne line from BoBunny. The papers are lovely rich purples with glittering. I'm already working on my 1st project with them. To eek them out and stop me having to order more within a fortnight, I also bought a small purple pad of K&Co Remake. Managed to find both sets of papers at Craft Obsessions.

** Kate **


Lisa Jane said...

wow love that japanese anemone -

Lisa ;)

Anonymous said...

Fab photos, Kate. Love the second crocus one and the Japanese anemone looks like cotton wool with vanilla though it.


Lydia said...

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Julia Dunnit said...

Oh lovely signs of spring - doesn't that baby look gorgeous in those dungarees! Have fun in Tidworth tomorrrow - have you been before?

Ayelet {Jenny} said...

Can`t wait to see your purple project :-) and the photo are gorjus! love the photo from the back:-) Mylee plays alot of pretend play lately as well, mostley trying to feed me LOL x