Tuesday, March 2

On My Desk

Yes, I know the official day for 'on my desk' postings is tomorrow and I may yet get there but last night some news prompted, jolted me into racing ahead with my craft sort out.

This lot was on my desk.
Yep, that's my bed underneath there.

This was the desk whilst everything was on the bed - still messy.
It's actually the old baby changing unit, but it's the perfect height for crafting standing up. That's the before, hopefully tomorrow will be the after.

The Branston Pickle is now fully recovered, although playing up for sympathy still. Once that bed was cleared off no prizes for guessing who was 1st in it! Thanks for all your comments, e-mails and well wishes.

** Kate **


maddy hill said...

great card on the post below Kate !
and we have all been there with a messy bed - i mean desk lol !

maddy x

nnalorac said...

Hi Kate
Love to see someone else make as much mess as me, one card and I make so much mess, always loosing things, put something down and it just seems to disappear. Just popped in to say hello. hugs nnalorac.xx

Lisa Jane said...

lol -that looks just like my dining room table !!
Wanted to say Hi - and am sure we will have los of fun
Lisa ;)

Hannapanna said...

Lovely colours and great creations.:)
Thought I would stop by and say hi.


Spyder said...

Love your lovely craftyness!! I too am a 'stand up' crafter and a push back and pile more on! Did pop in yesterday but mr blogger was being very odd, and I wasn't sure if my comment was saved! Your card with the rose looks very interesting!!