Monday, March 15


What a lovely couple of days we've had.

There was a bit of a snowdrop theme to my Mother's day. 1st of all this hand drawn card from Small-N-Grubby.
He made me crown that said 'best mummy' too. I had some smellies from the Dinky Diva and a new mug from Branston. Then my posy of flowers at church had a big daffodil.
With little snowdrops hidden underneath.
Today's been so warm and sunny. Visited my mum and spent some time in her garden. She asked me to bring my camera to take photos of a particular plant and snapping pics in the garden put me in a good mood, despite not being able to totally shake off this cough/cold.

Trying to update things on the PC isn't going so well today. Very slow and jamming up so I will try to upload some more pics tomorrow as well as the card I have been working on.

** Kate **


Lisa Jane said...

You look to have had a lovely Mothers day -thosesnowdrops are gorgeous.I have 1 in my garden!! I will have to be patient and wait for more in years to come.
Lisa ;)

Hannapanna said...

The flowers really make me long for spring. We still have a lot of snow on the ground here in Sweden. Love the hand drawn card, so cute. :)