Saturday, March 20

VILE computer, but some good news

It's taking me an age just to navigate around a few sites and make a couple of comments. I've managed to put a picture on my sidebar offering a free Hotel Chocolat Easter egg, but it won't let me go and put my link back on the other blog. I am determined to be in with a chance of winning, grrrr. I must have chocolate!!

One thing did cheer me up immensely today. I was reading some magazines SMO picked up for me this morning, in between pressing a button on the PC and waiting 10 minutes for nothing to happen, when I spotted one of my cards. It's in Cardmaking and Papercraft issue 77 on page 61. How chuffed am I?!?!?!

** Kate **


Lisa Jane said...

sorry to ehar your problems with the PC - but well done getting your card published, will go and have a look now!
Lisa ;)

Jennifer said...

Congrats! I sub to this mag - off to look now xx Jenny xx

Janice said...

Well done on getting your card published, hope you win the choc!