Wednesday, March 31


Monday evening didn't go to plan and I only got as far as stamping out my new images. So last night I had a play at water colouring some whilst watching Holby. I ought to have in mind what papers I'm going to use, but i didn't and just played around with my Inktense pencils.

So that's the main thing in the work box on my bed this Wednesday. Ready to go in my completed storage box (see earlier post, Saturday's I think).
Having a swing around there is evidence of something Small-N-Grubby. A hat decorated last night ready for an end of term competition.
This is a fire engine.
He came out of school in tears as 'someone' had lost 3 of the wheels and one of the axles. I've made 4 replacement wheels and we just need to get a skewer for the axle and put it back together.

Pop over to Julia and have a nosey at what's on all those craft desks!

** Kate **


Wipso said...

Like you needed to tell us that was a fire engine! What else could it have been? :-)
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

I do nothing in front of the tv - so hats off to you! Lving the easer bonnet, and of course the fire engine - genius!

Linda Elbourne said...

The fire engine is the best thing I have seen all day ... with or without 3 wheels and an axel ... that is a master piece that needs saving ... they are the best kind X

Vicki said...

aww i love the fire engine - it rocks!!! very nice easter hat too xxx

Paula Gale said...

aaaahhh I remember saving loads of boxes, cardboard tubes up for school for their craft sessions then getting them all back in some assembled fashion... I used to say, ahh I think Nanna would love that ... how cruel do I feel now. I should have appreciated their efforts more, however, their pics got put into portfolio type folders. They all looked the same tho!!! those were the days...

Love the easter bonnet - bought one last year for my neice only can't find them this year - well not like i;ve been able to go and look but OH went out today and asked him to look in THE WORKS - none. Where did you get yours from??? I need five as i bought these rather than eggs.

Paula x xx

Angie said...

ahhhhh ...poor fire engine ...thank goodness you are ...Super Mum. Hat is fun too ...glad they still have Easter bonnet competions

Anonymous said...

Great projects, from you and small n'grubby, oh those were the days! love the stamp storage box too from last week, I just throw all my extras in a little lidded box and then forget about them!


Cardarian said...

Great projects! Glad you will be fixing the engine - kids can be soooo sad if something breaks....quick mommy, quick fix it! Ha, ha

Kathy said...

Lovely to see what you're up to Kate - the watercolours look lovely.
The fire engine reminded me of modelmaking when I taught in a nursery school - the parents shoulders all seemed to sag when they saw the line up of cardboard box models - you could just a bout hear their minds working "oh please let my little Sophie not have made one of those...."

Cher~ said...

I miss crafting with my DD. She doesn't want to be crafty much any more and I miss it very much.