Tuesday, April 20

Getting back to it

The last couple of days I haven't felt much like crafting, or doing anything for that matter. In fact on Monday night I was in bed by 9pm with a pounding headache feeling quite sick.

This evening I am feeling much better and I can feel the crafty bug returning. The main reason for the crafty feeling is that my information pack for Scrap-a-mia arrived today. I have bitten the bullet and booked the hotel. I was holding out for a cheaper rate nearer the time, but it just left me with another thing on the to do list and the potential to forget altogether! Leaving SMO totally in charge at home with all 3 children and me leaving my littlest for the first time will give me more than enough to worry about.

I've put a little counter thingy on the side bar which, when it works, says there are 31 days to go, yippee. Now I am Billy Nomates on this, going on my own and the only people I know there are Claire and Margaret from Creative Moments (the organisers). So if you is going let me know and I can look out for you there.

The information pack has lots of lists of things to bring and a pre-meet challenge, but I'm wondering if there's time for me to get some ATCs made. There's no mention of a swap but I think it would be good to have a few to hand for swaps and to give people my blog details so we can keep in touch.
What do you think?

** Kate **


Scrap-A-Mia 2010 said...

hey Kate! I think the atc's are a brilliant idea!! I will put this up on the Scrap-A-Mia facebook group tomorrow to let others know :)
See you soon,

P.S : Love your countdown! It's definatly working this end :)

JO SOWERBY said...

hi kate,
i'm a flower so on a different team but will be driving from somerset via wilts so we are neighbours!!
Jo xxx

vixen said...

Hi Kate, got your comment and I joined your counter as Im going to :) im a heart havent decided how to decorate my chipboard as of yet.
My name is Tracey aka Vixen and forums Im known as Boland just to be confusing LOL. you said you recognised one of my bridesmaides I had my neice the young little girl and my sister in law Vicky and best friend Heather who has recently moved to Salisbury. x