Thursday, April 29

It's all Greek to me.

How much is a Greek urn? Or should it be How much is a Greek, Ern? I never did get that joke.

Any crafting time available yesterday afternoon was taken up by the creation of an ancient Greek costume for the Dinky Diva. I think the correct name is 'chiton', which must be Greek for 'old bed sheet tied on with a bit of rope'.
She has little plaits in here hair that look a bit Norse but it will do and she managed to walk to school in it this morning without it falling apart so hopefully it will last the day.

Yesterday Branston and I went to a garden centre with my mum and sister. The main reason was for mum to spend some vouchers she'd been hoarding the pickle and I just went along for the ride. He trotted around happily saying 'garden, garden' and screamed the place down when it was time to leave.

He was particularly enamoured with a semi-formal area that was in the process of being completed. It had low hedges in a pattern and a central arbour that you could escape up - like this.........
Maybe real crafting will happen today, who knows?

** Kate **

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