Thursday, April 15

Quick update

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday. As always I am slowly making my way around to visit everyone and leaving comments where pooter permits.

The craft drawers have been filled a little further as some sale Magnolia stamps arrived today. I have to confess that I didn't paint them, they were found that way in a charity shop, hence the need to rub them back a bit before stamping on them. Good news is that there were 2 sets for sale and my mum has the other set, so not far to look when I have filled them and need more, mwahaha.

Lollipop Tilda is a little sad. Stamped and coloured her last night, perfect for my project. Only to discover that she is sat facing the wrong way and won't fit, what a fool I am! She is still lovely but I now have my eye on 2 more that are a better match, hehe. No project to share though, it sits with it's 2 halves incomplete :(

** Kate **

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Julia Dunnit said...

That's very frustrating, but just the sort of thing I do - on the bright side - buy another!