Thursday, May 27

Shimelle's Class

The 1st class I took at Scrap-a-mia was with Shimelle. It was quite a challenge as 2 hours is not long enough time to suck all the creative ideas out of the her head!

We worked on a 6x4 mini book with a very generous Cosmo Cricket kit - as julia commented yesterday, loads of leftovers. One of the reasons there was so much left is that Shimelle's ideas used up every last scrap of paper and all those message blocks with wording on that don't match with your project were upcycled to fit.
The pictures are of the unbound book. I have the personal journalling to do yet.
The subject is of a shoot I did using a Bumbo, which is a funny little seat that pre-walking children can be plopped into so that they sit nicely and can't get out mwahhaha.
The cover is still not made. I haven't a photo left to go on it so I think I will cut a window in it to show the photo through from which ever I choose to be the 1st page.
We haven't seen the original covers yet, but they are made from a mini pizza box which I'm sure I brought home with me but can't quite lay my hands on at the moment (see photos from yesterday and you'll know why).
I was a photo short so I decided to turn one of the original page ideas into a private message about my little Branston Pickle.
At a couple of the classes I sat opposite Mel and Jenny(I have a photo of them in a group shot that I must dig out). They like their workspace neat and I think working with me might have raised their stress levels. They attempted to tidy me at times with comments like 'Is that a bin bag for the rubbish over there?', but there's no getting away from the fact that I thrive in organised chaos.

Must not forget a photo of Shimelle, she made us promise to use only nice photos so I hope this one's approved of.
Need to start e-mailing some photos around that I promised people. I've cancelled some of my plans for the weekend to create a bit of at home time, I might even get my suitcase unpacked!!

** Kate **

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