Monday, May 24


I'm finally home and back with my lovely family but what an amazing weekend. The hottest so far this year, spent at the most incredible, well organised scrapbooking retreat with fabulous new friends and tip top teachers.

It was my 1st scrapbook retreat and a 1st event for Scrap-a-mia too, so I have nothing to compare it with, but if all events are made this way I want to go to a million more.

I've so much to share that I will probably have to spread out the blog updates over the week.

First of all the venue. A pretty top notch place, called New Place in Southampton.
This is the VIP drop off area at the front where the gravel was raked into perfect circles.
There were many different buildings all set in beautiful grounds, (which SMO was delighted to hear, even included a cricket pitch).
There were a few niggles but most related to the boiling weather that took everyone by surprise.

I arrived on the Friday night to settle in and explore. A luxury I would highly recommend. I had been very nervous. A first timer at this type of event, going on my own. I think if it wasn't for the people I met that evening I would have fled back home. So thanks to Claire, Margaret, Sam, Rachel, Janet, Eileen and Olga for helping me settle in. Pictures of them, and my other new scrapping pals that made my weekend, later.

Eventually found that our event for the weekend was based here.
Not in the tree house, which was all set up to seat about 8 people with tables and flipchart.
Although it would have been nice!

There were 6 classes laid on over the 2 days with extra events on the Saturday evening. I've come home with 3 pages, 2 mini books and 2 'off the page' projects. I'm not going to go through the classes in order as I want to share the projects as I complete them with the finishing touches at home. I did get 2 completely finished whilst I was there.

A fabulous canvas taught by Cleo Jarvis (you can see some of her projects from classes taken last year here). This is her with her expertly finished project.
And this is my one.
There's loads of little details.
and you can mix in lots of little photos.
This is a page I completed in Ifa Zainon's class.
You can see Ifa's beautiful original work here.
I think I would try this technique again, using very small photos on a page. The approach was fun too painting and splashing on colour without measuring and positioning all the items first.
That's it for today. Need to catch up on family time, complete my other Scrap-a-mia projects and finish getting my By The Cute and Girly projects ready for the June challenge.

** Kate **

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Julia Dunnit said...

Looks great - so glad you didn't flee! Love that LO, not failiar with Ifa at all, will change that.