Altered Edwin

Feeling a lot better but tired and I think my creativity might be on a bit of a break. On top of this we had a dreadful night last night. Small-N-Grubby decided to wake everyone at 1.30am to tell us he needed the loo. Branston Pickle then refused to go back to sleep until gone 5am for various reasons, one of which included a fight outside the house with lots of colourful language (not English) and broken bottles. I know I shouldn't laugh but there was masses of European hot temper in their native tongue followed by "and your mother". Then the next one would shout in a similar way followed by "and YOUR mother and your sister too". It reminded me of those old Newman and Baddiel History Today sketches.

Before all this excitement I managed an attempt at altering a little ATC sized tin for the latest Magnolia Birthday Bash challenge - altered Edwin.
I don't have many Edwin stamps but I do quite like him, I've used Distress Inks to colour him in. The decorations couldn't be particularly 3d as the tin is handled a lot by small people (it going to contain a card game that's lost its original box).
I found some old epoxy stickers with shells and starfish on that I thought would compliment the pirate feel.

Tomorrow I may get that little box finished that I had to stop making because my flower punch broke - I've had some new goodies delivered.

** Kate **


Julia Dunnit said…
Oh gawd, the day after a night like that is always very L O N G! Hope you enjoy an early night tonight! I love the tin - colours are gorgeous...great way to actually use something too, a lot of the time it's the 'whaddya do with it when it's done' that stops me!
Lisa Jane said…
I love the tin - Edwin looks dashing!
Lisa ;)

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