Crafty Stash and Ugly Bugs

Still buying craft stuff. This time on the pretence that I broke the nib on my Copic fine liner.
There is no denying that I do like shopping.

Whilst getting some gardening done earlier this week the Branston Pickle trotted up to me with something in his hot little mitt and said "Got Dis".
There were actually 2 of them. We put them in a little bug box with a pot of water to keep things humid and some buddleia leaves and waited for something beautiful to emerge.

Yesterday we found this.
Not quite as beautiful as we had hoped for.

Less so when viewed from the other angle.
But the shot does show a little promise of the blaze of orange that flashed on its wings when I released it. The other chrysalis is still to hatch, fingers crossed.

** Kate **


Julia Dunnit said…
Ooh well done you - on both counts! I understand the slightly disppointing hatching, but ha, moths have a place really!

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