More Work In Progress

Had the opportunity to slap some paint around yesterday so I decided to have a go at another technique featured in July's Craft Stamper magazine. This time its Hels Sheidan's PVA crackle.
For some reason the sides of the box have worked really well but the top only has a subtle mottled effect. I'm pressing on regardless as I quite like how it looks and I will be sticking loads of 3d decorations to the top any way.

There's a vase of dead flowers in my kitchen and rather than throwing them out - that would involve time and tidying - they have been allowed to decay. There is something quite fascinating and alien about papery dried roses.
You can see all the little capillaries in the petals and if you accidentally brush against it as you go past it will just crumble into papery dust.

** Kate **


Janice said…
Love the papery rose. It's fun to try new techniques, especially the messy ones, look forward to seeing the finished box.

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