Monday, June 28

One weekend, 2 parties.

Yes it was party central here this weekend.

First off this young man, seen here is the glow of a candlelit birthday cake, was 2!
Yes 2! I can hardly believe the time has gone so fast.

The cake was made and iced by my mum, leaving me to complete the decorations. We went for Peppa Pig camping.
The Branston Pickle is quite fond of Peppa and does a very cute impression of George doing an impression of a dinosaur.

After that there came a 'bit of a do'. Members of my mum's family got together for tea and a chat to coincide with relatives visiting from Norway. I'd best stick with photos of the children until the rest have been approved!!

The beautiful Dinky Diva.
Small-N-Grubby who is rather fond of his half grown set of gnashers.
And of course the Pickle looking rather angelic sat with his grandma.
SShhh, don't tell her I used one of her pictures.

** Kate **

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