Friday, June 11


Time for a rant PUNCHES. Why do they always jam, stick, break, not cut properly aargh!!!! Is it just me? When I order a punch does it scream in horror at the impending death that awaits it in my hands.

My flower punch that I use a lot - surely that isn't why they break, you're meant to use them not just collect them, aren't you? - has jammed. Some how the bit that cuts out the flower no longer fits through the opening. I've bashed and thumped it until my wrists are sore. I've even attempted to take it apart, but the screws are so tight it won't budge. Anyone got any cures for this ailment before it goes in the bin?????

As a result I can't finish my little box from yesterday, a project that was going to get completed fully before I started the next one. Now I will have to start a new project and the uncompleted one will languish in the pile of doom that is my desk.

** Kate **


Lisa Jane said...

I sympathise -my favourite punch broke this morning .. i was punching lots of borders for a friend to send her as she can't afford the punch i have ... !! Now neither of us have it lol
Lisa ;0

pinky said...

I have a few like that too Kate, I've tried tin foil and wax paper, thumping it, throwing it, shouting at it etc etc. You see you've started me now lol.