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We had a very successful day yesterday. The weather was sunny and hot but there was a strong breeze to increase the difficulty rating of our challenge.

Here is the big tent, including little helper.
Lots of wrinkles that need straightening out but at least I will know roughly how it's done once the big day finally arrives.

This is the side porch entrance, with my sister hiding in the back adjusting the curtains. There's a gap under the doorway that shouldn't be there, more tweaks needed.
And here is Branston in the sleeping area, avec wrinkles.
SMO's cousin is coming camping with us and using my old little tent, so we gave that an airing too. It takes one person 10 minutes to put up, that's a lot easier.
When not helping us with the tents, the Branston Pickle was having lots of fun in the garden. Including terrorising the cousin's guinea pigs, that hid whenever they saw him coming.
My sister has dedicated a lot of time to her garden, and it shows. Its a lovely place to spend time in, with or without tents! Branston and I went on a little tour and found there were some interesting ornamental touches lurking in the undergrowth. Like these wooden mushrooms.
And a kiwi.......
** Kate **


Hi Kate, thanks for the lovely comments on my blog.

Wow what a great tent! Could have used that last week, when my 13yr old went camping with the school, they had a small leaky tent and she came home very wet, lol!

Love the little mushrooms and that kiwi is fabulous. I love little garden features like that, I have quite a few.

Have fun camping! hugs Heidi xx
Lisa Jane said…
Fab tent .. we have 4 all different sizes .. wanted to go this weekend - but my daughters commitments put paid to that!
You will have a fab time in yours
Lisa ;)
Kathy said…
Gosh! Your little pickle is getting soooo big now!
Rather you than me with the tent stuff Kate!

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