Wednesday, June 30


As ever I am rushing around and trying to achieve many things at once. I've sat down for a few moments to blog, smelly hound at my feet - so that will stop me from lingering too long.

This is the current project on my desk.
Since taking the photo it has totally changed and is now in chocolate, blue and red.

I had to get my embellishment drawer out so I thought I would share a pic of that too.
This is also hanging around the place at the moment and driving me nuts.
The Dinky Diva has finally finished it, having received it at Christmas. It's been in my room waiting to be photographed but every time you brush past it, the turrets implode and the whole thing disintegrates into a heap.

I'm very proud of her work though, it's coloured all round and very neat too.
Check out other desks and workspaces over at Julia's.

One other thing I just had to mention. The nice people over at Dotcom Gift Shop have drawn up a list of '101 Lovely Craft Blogs' and have been kind enough to include mine in the list. The blog entry with all the details is here!

** Kate **


Tracy Evans said...

Fab castle and wonderful to see it finished. You have some fab stash on your desk this morning. I have enjoyed my nose around, thanks. Have a lovely day, Tracy Evans x x

Minxy said...

Well you definatly are queen of the cute...
And i just love all your sweet sweet embelli stash

Jan said...

such a cute castle...thanks for the snoop!

Pickleberry Papercrafts said...

Wonderful colours in the top pic! The castle is amazing & congrats on the mention from the gift shop (love that site!)

Mummylade said...

gorgeous stash pictures

Kaz said...

That castle is fab!
I'd love to rummage through that stash!

carlytheprincess said...

Wow, that castle is fab! Congrats on being featured in the blog list
Carly x

sam said...

oh what yummy ribbon and the paper isn't to shabby either. The castle is just brilliant - I can't get my youngest into this creative thing we call life (by the way I love your tag line - big fan of Blur). Okay got up early so I could visit some more of you girls so I'd best get on.
Sam x

Wipso said...

Your embellishment drawer look amazing. I could spend many a happy hour just looking at it all :-)
A x

Sunshine Girl said...

Great pile of stash there and love the castle!

Spyder said...

Lovely papers lovely ribbons and super snoop into your packet box, but wow!! really lovely castle!

Julia Dunnit said...

Those papers are scrum - I'd like them by the yard! DDiva's work is fab..but I know what yu you've photographed it - where will it go?

Heather x said...

love the castle hun :0)
would love to have a play in your embellies drawers!
*hugs* Heather x

judie said...

oh the castle is amazing, love it also love the emblies as well

thanks for the snoop

big hugs
judie xx