Waders at Sunset and WOYWW

I'm even giving my 'art' names now!
This is the finished 6x4 version of the mini canvas. I'm having fun with these so no doubt I will bore you with more.

My desk looks like this.
That's not unusual but I am declaring this the official before photo. A tidy is coming ( not a total tidy you understand, it wouldn't be my desk if it was totally tidy). I'm clearing out old stash and making the things I use more accessible, sounds simple eh?

My current project is this.
It's a box that I bought a small purse in at the weekend, it will be converted to something else by next WOYWW. I've already made a tag with the hanger part here.

Hop off to Julia's if you want to see some more workspaces in her weekly event for the crafting curious (nosey).

** Kate **


joey said…
Hiya Kate

your desk looks like my usually does stacks of stuff lol.

Hi Kate, I just love a messy desk, mine is always messy, lol!

Love all of the super cards on it. Cant wait to see what you make with that little box,

hugs heidi xxx
Sid said…
Loads of stuff there and love the canvas !!
Heather x said…
Lots of lovely goodies :0)
*hugs* Heather x
Kathleen said…
Yeah art, the canvas work is brilliant, so nice to see something different and arty.
Lovely stuff on yoour desk. love the canvas
Anne x
Linda Elbourne said…
LOVE the canvas and oh no Kate ... does n't sound simple at all ... Good Luck with that :0)
Love your little canvas, good luck with the sort out, not always as easy as it sounds. Tracy Evans x
Helen said…
Your desk looks like you keep nice and busy!
Darcy said…
great tags, and I love your waders.
Sue said…
Hi Kate
lovely canvas, very busy desk, have great day, sue,x
Carmen said…
Definitely something in the air - quite a lot of us got the spring clean bug this week *g*

The canvas is very pretty - love the colours. Will be interested to see what your box has become next week *g*
jude said…
Hiya Kate ,
love the canvas and cant wait to see what the box turns into!i might get chance to pop on as im way next week.work desk looks busy!
hugs judex
Sarpreet said…
Gorgeous busy creative desk there - love your creations, Happy WOYWW! Thank you for visiting my blog and your wonderful comments, the ribbon has a fabric look to it and I have found it rather flat with no ribbon life. But I have used it as it coordinates. I have had fun though.
Sarpreet said…
also thank you for the comments on my card - yours are gorgeous too - i appreciate it when they come from another crafter
Rica said…
This is a very familiar scene Kate, everything out so I can re-organise things more efficiently, it's very strange, more seems to come out than will ever go back. I think storage space shrinks when emptied out.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with the small box.
hugs Heather xx
Lizzybobs said…
fab space Branston Pickle is so cute - lv Liz
angeleef said…
Soooo much going on there! And still my googley eye catches on to a very lovely basket that you've altered. Some fab stuff you've got there!
Have a nice evening
** Evi **
Lol I could barely see the desk! Your latest art work is lovely so you have an excuse! Tracey x
Kate, so wierd you should mention a button phobia, my best friend had the same phobia, couldn't wear clothes with buttons or come any where near them, she has over come it and this weekend managed to put her hand in an entire jar of buttons and not worry at all! Tracey x
Alisonw30 said…
Love the waders, my mum, who loves any kind of birds, would love it to, thanks for making me think of her ;-)
Julia Dunnit said…
Well Kate, I think we can see your desk properly for the first time in ages, so I figure you've cleared and tidied! Dunno where you find time and oh boy, fancy publicly committing to finishing something by next WOYWW!! Impressive!
Love your desk, really love the canvas and your card is beautiful.

I had a really nice time here this week....Thank you for sharing, ver inspirational.

Angie said…
That canvas is so perfect ,,,it just says it all ...well to me its gulls on the sand and I LOVE it.
FlipSyde said…
I love the canvas. It is Just Enough. I think that we are bombarded by overdones (I OverDo. Lots.)

Haha, on the 'before' picture...I am always disgusted with my desk after my WOYWW picture and generally spend the end of the week plowing through it...so this I understand well. :)
I think that canvas is wonderful, can't wait to see what you do with the box .... :-)
Phree said…
Great desk, lots of crafty lovliness there and that lovley canvas too - looking forward to seeing the finished project.
Hi Kate, I always enjoy a busy desk! My desk is always messy because like you, I can't resist re-purposing things that other people throw away!Patsy from
Twiglet said…
That canvas is really lovely - it must be bird week this week!!
Doone said…
of course you name your Art
All Art deserves a name

Minxy said…
look forward to seeing the after shots and the outcome of your box
At the moment I have a work table, a little cluttered; and a second dump table. Is that called cheating, LOL.
Tracey said…
a very busy desk and I love your canvas. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your box.

Sorry this is a bit late. Have a lovely weekend

Hels Sheridan said…
your Waders are worthy of a name - they are beautiful... good lucj with the tidying LOL
Chrissie said…
Oh dear, I couldn't zoom in for a closer look at your desk. Good luck with the tidy up!
I know how late I am this week, but I was glad I made it by to see your mess, er, desk before the tidy up. I loved the canvas you created too, and you can bore me with more any day. I also like your recycling efforts with tag and hanger. Happy belated WOYWW.

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