Saturday, August 14

Photo Challenges #1

2 posts in one day, now that's just not me is it!

I blogged earlier today about Shimelle's weekend of challenges and mentioned that 50% of them are for photos. Well I grabbed my cameras and trotted into the garden to see what I could find and a little photo story developed.

Get Close

Then the weather started to change and this baby started moving in.....

Up Above

On my way back in the door I spotted this very weathered window sill with some sort of pin in it.

Man Made
Once inside the heavens opened and a thunder storm soon followed.

Through The Glass

That just leaves me to......

Add A Laugh
Old photos were permitted for that one.

More tomorrow, hopefully.
** Kate **

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Kathy said...

What wonderful photos, Kate - I'm so glad I popped over for a "catch-up"