Photo Challenges #2

Sunday was much brighter and provided an all together different prospect for my second day of Shimelle's photo challenges.

This was how the 'Up Above' shot would have looked taken from my mum's garden.


Portrait or Candid? - Candid

Get In The Picture (composed by the Dinky Diva)

Below The Knee

Study Session

Smiles (up to no good!)
At Home (home grown)
Craft In Progress (or not, just piles of new supplies, waiting)
The holidays so far:
1 bag of flour eaten by a dog.
1 scolding hot bowl of past dropped on my bare foot.
1 hour dismantling a cot and rearranging a room to get it out.
2 hours putting it all back together as 'friend' changed her mind and didn't want it!
1 daughter with a split lip and several nose bleeds falling off the bunk beds.
2 birthday cakes at 2 birthday teas.
18 days to go until term starts.
1 very tired me!

** Kate **


Julia Dunnit said…
Lovely photos Kate, what fun. Your summary of the hols...oh youare so not alone!

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