Sir Tim of Holtz

Tis Wednesday and time to share workdesks. Mine in undoubtedly dominated by this.
I must be the last crafter on the planet to buy this. I'd been put off by the price and people commenting about how few pages it had. QVC offered their package containing it on instalments and I decided to go for it. I'm really please I did. I had hoped to complete my 1st project for today but I am still searching for the little bits I need to finish it off. Until then here is a peak.
Have a look at Julia's here, to see lots of other peoples work spaces.

** Kate **


Neet said…
Thanks for your sneak peek Kate - I am sure you will love that book. Must admit haven't used mine as yet (read too busy here) but I do love looking through the pages. Happy WOYWW.
Wipso said…
That looks a fab book. Have fun creating.
A x
Helen said…
I love my copy!
Sue said…
Hi Kate
oh i got this book, luv the sneak peak, look forward to seeing the finished project,thanks for the snoop,have a great WOYWW, sue,x
Your not the last 'cos I haven't got it. Not that I don't fancy it but I'm happy to save the money for other things and check out the videos on his blog to see his creations. But have fun with it :-)
Anne x
Bluefairy4U said…
You like me bought the book from QVC and I just love it. Have a lovely day cannot wait to see your finished card. Hugs Jo.xx
Lou and Mel said…
Its the bible in my house!
Doone said…
got mine for a tenner -

and there are some bits that may be worth it, but I can't believe anyone would spend more than that on such a limited amount of info - check out art books particularly second hand ones from Art Students at Univeristy sales - they have the same techniques (and more) and are half the price...

Joanne said…
You made the one and only decision, to buy Sir Tim's book. Well done.
Luv Joanne xx
Chrissie said…
I haven't got the book, so don;t feel too bad!
great sneak peak, hope we get to see more of it next week. Happy crafting with your new book!

Your work in progress looks lovely, great image. You will really enjoy the book, it does inspire and helps with your flow of creativity, if only with the techniques it gives. Enjoy. Have a good evening, Tracy Evans x
Heather x said…
no your not the last crafter on earth...I don't have it....yet lol.
Great artwork in progress!
*hugs* Heather x
Sunshine Girl said…
Oooh love that sneak peek cant wait to see the finished article! I bought Tim's book despite knowing most of the techniques in it - cant beat a good book in my eyes and its nice to have about on the desk just for a quick flick through to get a technique idea. Have fun.
Sid said…
So you bought it ! I still have resisted. Wonder what you have made !!
pinky said…
Kate I bought this the first showing at qvc and was sitting last night trying out my new brayer (which I am c..p at)and never throught to have a peep in the book!
Claireliz said…
fab workspace thanks for the snoop
I feel so lonely as the only things I have of TH is about 4 distress inks. My list of wants and wishes is so very, very long. Thanks for the peek and don't forget to post the finished project.
Carola Bartz said…
I just bought the book two days ago! With one of my 40% off coupons. I'm so happy I did!
Morti said…
My personal jury is also out on this book - well done you for getting it though!
I saw the book at a local craft store here in the States and thumbed through it. The first 33 pages (as I recall) were nothing but promoting his products. I can get that info on the internet. Of course, I'm sure there are a few things I could learn in it, but for the price, I'll have to pass. You did great, though!

Sorry I'm late getting here this week, but I have contracted a computer virus. It's still not fixed, but I had to make sure I wasn't infecting anyone.
Julia Dunnit said…
I don't have it Kate. I'm not disciplined enough to work my way through it either, although there's no doubt that from what I've seen through WOYWW alone,it's a fab technique teacher and prompt for inspiration. Look forward to seeing your take on it all.
angeleef said…
Never saw that book before. Is it a learning book or more like a journal book you have to creatively fill in yourself?
Anyway, have fun using it!
Happy belated WOYWW
** Evi **
I have some blogcandy over at my blog, would love for you to join in!
Violets Corner said…
Thanks for the sneak peak!

I haven't got one yet ;)


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