Wednesday, September 8

We will always have Paris, part #1

The desk looks very much like last week and the big metal heart still isn't on the wall. Here is what lies in the current project pile.
There are 2 separate and very different Parisian projects on there brought on by the fact that there are lots of nice supplies around at the moment. The remains of a couple of past projects are there too. The Wonky candy is till intact, don't know how long that will last, and the remains of a Christmas project which I have sent off and can't share yet.

In a previous WOYWW several people (well at least 2) asked me to report back on how I got on with these dies.
They have worked very well and combined with the excellent price I would highly recommend them. The 'sandwich' for the Big Shot/Kick which I use is (from bottom to top) -

  • Tab 2 of the universal whatsit (that's completely closed).
  • Cutting plate (with or without a sticky magnetic sheet, it works with both)
  • Die - cutting side up
  • Paper/card right side down
  • Cutting plate

I'm not a cuttlebug user but my forum friend Kath has advised (I don't speak Cuttlebug so I hope it makes sense) -

Plates A and C. Lay the die on top with the cutting edge up. Lay paper face down onto the die. Cover with plate B. Run through CB.

To emboss.........Plates A and C and leave die and paper in place. Cover with foam mat, then plate B. Turn through machine.

That leaves me with 2 new projects to play with.

If you feel the urge to see more workdesks and creative mumblings click over to Julia here and catch up with all the other WOYWWers.

** Kate **


Wipso said...

Really love seeing what your card makers do with your clever stash so thanks for sharing it.
A x

Claireliz said...

busy looking desk, thanks for sharing

Sue said...

Hi ya
lovely creative desk, luv that shape nellie,happy WOYWW, sue,x

Mandy aka Crafty Angel said...

oh wow love how you used the nestie, brilliant idea!

hugs mandyxx

Phree said...

Lovely busy desk, the WIP in progress looks intriguing. Nellie Snellen dies use the same sandwich in the Cuttlebug as the one used for Nestabilities.

Lothian Crafts said...

I love the Nellie Snellen dies and have used them with my cuttlebug with no problems.

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Fab busy desk and thanks for the tips on using the dies.


nerllybird said...

That Eiffel Tower masky type thing at the top looks feeling the urge to buy travel-type stamps....must...resist....

Anne said...

Oooh, That's gorj Kate - I think I have some Nellies (not this shape, but same colour!!!??) but I haven't used them yet - must get them out now!!

Kate, please would you mind emailing me at It's ref TYI! Thank you! :o) xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your Paris projects look very interesting. It also looks like Halloween is on your mind, too.

I don't have a Big Shot or a Cuttlebug, but I know this is really good information. I do think these are lovely, though. Sorry I'm late getting here. Hope you had a great WOYWW.

Sarpreet said...

lots of goodies, thank you for the tutorial, I am a bit late this week, fab workspace, Happy WOYWW, Thank you for showing us your workspace.

Chrissie said...

The die looks great, but then I'm a real sucker for them. I just love how they make images look!
The WIP looks great.

Ciara said...

I'm just about to do a card for someone who loves France and I bought the Hero Arts Paris clear stamps.

Thanks for the nosey!


Lisa-Jane said...

Thanks Kate. My dies are all stuck together and I didnt know if you were supposed to split them or not. Thanks for the cuttlebug info, maybe I'll give it another try :-) xx

Nikki said...

looks great and that's one nice die :)

Nikki said...
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Julia Dunnit said...

I have a bunch of these Nellie dies = prices by comparison are really great, huh. Like the shape of this one very much. You're so busy! The eiffel tower piece on your work top is looking delish.

Becky said...

The more Paris stash I see, the more I want to go to Paris...