Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Sit down with a cuppa, I've got lots of Halloween pictures to share.

Yesterday I was still feeling a bit tired, but was fed up with ruining all the half-term plans, so we headed off to the Halloween treasure hunt.
It was in a ruined hill fort and the weather was glorious so the climb to the top was worth it.
And we'd even brought our own monster.
Whilst the older children hunted pumpkins Branston Pickle and I took advantage of some games that had been set out. Jenga, quoits and even a spot of croquet.
Branston found his own pumpkin.
They were beautifully carved (by UK standards!) and held clues to historical questions.
The prize at the end was chocolate and that needed some concentrated munching.
I can't share a picture of Small-N-Grubby as he has a school friend with him in all the shots, but the others were there.
Finally the weather turned on us and we headed off on the 2 mile walk home. In the end it only rained a little and we were rewarded for our efforts with a rainbow.
I've a couple of final Halloween projects to share later today once our Halloween tea is done.
Have a Happy Halloween!

** Kate **


Lisa Jane said...

Looks like a great day was had by all
Lisa ;)

Janice said...

OMG The dinky diva is a real little lady now! Great shots kate.