Thursday, October 14

Painting With Distress Ink Pads

A quick 'How To' on how I use Distress ink pads for painting. I'm sure there are lots of ways to use them but this is the method I have been using lately and enjoying so much I want to buy the whole set!

I use white bathroom tiles as my palette.
Deepest shade
Squish the ink pad on a little or a lot depending on how much of the colour you think you are going to need. This will be the darkest colour each ink pad can give, neat, straight up.
Mid Tone
For a mid tone spritz once with a water spray.
Lightset shades
For light colours or a wash of colour spritz the same spot again. This will give a really light, delicate colour.

There you go, 3 shades of colour from one ink pad, in this case Dusty Concord.
Once you've finished painting leave any left over colour to dry on the tile and you can revive it to use as lighter shades another time with just a spritz of water, so nothing's wasted.
Have to just mention that my 'Rapid Black' prize has arrived!!
It turns out to be a cross body camera strap that feels very different to wear. I shall, hopefully, be road testing it soon.

** Kate **


Kathy said...

This is fab - thanks Kate

Wendy L said...

I wondered how you paint with Distress Inks. Well done, thanks. xxx