I thought if I joined in today it might spur me into crafting action.
The painted box on the top is one from the DotComGiftShop and I need to get on and finish decorating it along with its friends. Nestled inside are the tags I have started for this month's swap at Tag You're It.

The rest is just havoc.

My sale on Friday was a disaster.
The lady that had invited me to come to the group was sick and no one else seemed to know I was going to be there. It just went down hill from there.
One of the few things I did manage to sell was the little notebook that I made for the 'Jungle' theme this month at By The Cute And Girly.
Apart from that, it has all left me very dejected and jaded about crafting in general. Inspiration and enthusiasm has left me. :(

To see far more enthusiastic and prolific crafters pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground where every Wednesday we all link up for a cuppa and a natter.

** Kate **


nnalorac said…
So nice to see a desk like mine Kate, These knockbacks really do knock your confidence and leave you deflated ( never done one mind you, know I would feel just like you do at the mo)but think of it this way, not the right folks there who appreciated the love and care you put into your lovely creations. Also because there not going into a shop they should get it for next to nothing or maybe the wrong age group, lots of different reasons. Don't let it put you off, next time things maybe so different. My inks are stored in an Ikea drawer unit. Used the three small drawers from the top part, set them on their sides, stacked one on top of other.
sending you a big hug, Carolxx
Wipso said…
Oh poor you. I have had craft sales like that. It can be very disappointing but dont let it get to you. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on.
A x
Cheryl said…
oh hun do not let it get you down,can be disapointing but pick yourself up hun,and do not let it get you down,they all look amazing pieces hugs cheryl xx
Sue said…
Hi ya Kate
lovely creative desk, aww sorry the sale didnt go well, don't give up it just wasnt organised right, not your fault, hope you soon feel like being crafty again,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (29)
Helen said…
Hope you pick yourself up again! Love the desk though, lots of fab goodies there.
jude said…
Oh poor you hun,dont dispare weve all had craft fairs like that ,me being one.You will find your mojo pick yourself up and be crafting in know time .Just put down to experience and dont go next year!
Good luck and sending some mojo hugs .
Lisa Jane said…
Oh Kate - dont let it put you off... you make some beautiful items .. and unfortunately not everyone appreciates handmade items .. i am not sire how i will go on on Saturday - but if they don't like it .. then its their loss..
Lisa ;)
Glad you sold the little notebook as it was so cute
Certainly a busy desk here but lots of nice things have been brought out to play with. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us.

I know only too well how selling things can have an effect on you. I have a regular card stall every month at a business complex and last month it made £4.20 in the whole week - 50% to charity and 50% back to the kitty for more supplies. It makes you wonder sometimes if it is all worth it. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 34)
Fab desk and I love the little knitted character. Come on girl dust yourself down and pick yourself up because it was down to poor organisation.

Have a fab week...A.xx(2)
Kirsti said…
Don't be disheartened...you do get craft sales like that but you just have yo carry on...I am feeling a bit like that about Etsy at the mo - only sold one thing since I opened!!!

Loving the little knitted creature on your desk and at least you are as messy as the rest of us...ha ha....xenjoy the rest of the week...xxx
Scrapcat 1 said…
sorry the sale didn't go so well but don't let it get you down, hope you have your mojo back soon.
Spyder said…
aw, Kate that's no fun, never mind you know you love it, it's just one hic-cup! I know, trust me! I use do to Face Painting dressed as a clown, go everywhere, always fabulous, then out of the blue was invited to go to a crafty thing... so there was me, dressed as a clown, with all my stuff... luckily I brought my own table, as they didn't realise I needed one...and when I looked around it was all very old ladies selling knitted SOCKS and BED Blankets...not a child in sight... worse to come....at the end of the day...I was asked to paid for 'my own table!' But I did get a nice thank you card for coming, and asked to come again...I didn't!
Joanne said…
Oh Kate that is awful When you put heart and soul into something and others don't appreciate it, it really is a downer. But, you mustn't give up 'cos it will get better. (32)
JoZart said…
That's a real knock back after all your effort making those lovely things. At least you'll have a good stock when another opportunity comes along... and it will.
Great desk ... you are in my league!
JoZarty x
Julia Dunnit said…
Aw bloomin hell! Don't be espondent, it wasn't your lovely stuff - it was the people passing through; don't take it personally, just keep doing it and doing the stalls..it does happen, honest!
peggy aplSEEDS said…
so sorry to hear about your disappointing sale. hope you have a better experience next time with the right people coming.
happy WOYWW from #20 this week!
So sorry to read your sale didn't turn out as you had hoped. Too bad there was no communication. Sorry I'm so late getting here. You would think since I had most of my obligations out of the way, I would have freed up a bit more computer time. Unfortunately, what happened was, I was so far behind, I became overwhelmed. Will try to do better this week.

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