Monday, December 20

It can't be the 20th.......

One minute it was the 13th and the next another week had gone.

We've had a busy weekend with lots of snow that looks like it is here to stay, it's been snowing all day. But, will it be a white Christmas? I can't remember one since I was about 5. It would be a shame to suffer this much disruption now and not wake up to silent, gleaming snow on Christmas morning.

We had the church Christmas parties at the weekend. Here we are making our way there.....
..........via Narnia.
There was the usual eats and a visit from Santa for the little ones.
Then, after they went home, there was a laser disco and all things fluorescent for the older ones.
Unfortunately the numbers were well down because of the weather, but those that went threw themselves into the party mood.

Sunday saw the long awaited Christmas dance show that the children had been rehearsing for since the summer. It was held in the Art Centre here.......
The Dinky Diva and Small-N-Grubby sung, danced and tapped their was through a 2 hour show and made sure that everyone knew that Christmas was truly on the way.

A late night has meant bad moods today though, and they are a pair of tired grumps. The Branston Pickle has another cough and cold and the three of them are arguing and fighting the day away.

Meanwhile, SMO left at 7am this morning to catch a 15 minute train to a nearby sports hall for a 2 day winter cricket coaching session. By 9am he was snowed in and had to call the whole thing off. A friend tried to drive them both home but they have had to abandon the car and were last heard of trying to walk out to a point where there was less snow and friends could pick them up.

** Update ** they have made it to a friends house in a village on the way home and are hoping to drive into town this afternoon, although the steady light snow we have had here is now getting heavier.

** Kate **

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Julia Dunnit said...

Oh that cedar tree is a spectacular sight covered in snow. Glad to hear that SMO is safe and sound...stay warm y'all.