Tuesday, February 8

3 little things to share

Got these at the weekend in Paperchase. Cute!
And these from John Lewis. Also cute!
And no, I haven't gone barking mad. I know it's not Halloween. But I found these in a specialist confectioners.
I've wanted to try them ever since they started appearing on Halloween craft supplies from the states. For anyone who is in the dark like I was - I had to ask an American crafting friend what they were - they are Candy Corn. I thought they were going to taste like those little coloured candy squares you get in Dolly Mixtures, the ones that are white and chewy inside. I was wrong! The only way I can describe them is they are like a honey fudge and definitely as yummy as I was told they were. The photo was taken in bad light during the evening - they didn't last until daylight!!!

** Kate **


Lisa Jane said...

ooh i love those tiny little hearts
Lisa ;)

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah, the stickers are fun! And the candy cor is safe from me - I love the texture but don't like the taste. Still, rather them than Hershey's!