Sunday, March 6

The Pillars Of The Earth by Ken Follett

Book #5 - The Pillars Of The earth by Ken Follett.
Nearly a month since my last book review, but this one was an epic saga and, as I'm not an exceptionally fast reader, it was always going to take me a while.

Loved the mini series which prompted me to put this book on my Christmas list and I was very glad to receive it from my mum! If you watched the series, then the story is broadly the same. There were obviously some parts added to the series, some for sensationalism and others to help condense the story. It was a little odd at times to read about the same events happening in the book but to different characters.

If you didn't see the series, just forget my ramblings and get into the book. It's brilliantly written. I especially like the way it flows from one person's story to another. You will be walking alongside a character (yes, you feel like you are there), you'll meet up with other characters and then walk on with them instead.

What's it about? Well it's really the story of a cathedral, a constant in a world of turmoil. People come and go but the ancient pillars still stand.

There is a sequel, World Without End, which is definitely on my 'To Read' list.

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