Wednesday, April 13


I was chatting on a forum yesterday about computer desks and thought that it would be a good one to share today for WOYWW.
Now there is no denying that I am a messy crafter, you've already seen the evidence for that, but I do have to share this desk with SMO and he is the messiest of messiest in all matters relating to personal belongings.

The box file, cricket magazines and mini cricketing teddy just below the screen are all his for a start.  There is just about room to operate the mouse!  The tall stack on the right consists of the old hard drive that got a virus, box of paper and basket of kids stuff, topped off with a red spade from a seaside bucket and spade set.  After all, you never know when you will need one whilst surfing the net.

Next to the mouse you might be able to spot a pile of CD-Roms.  I never use them and have dug them out to give away.  They were all free with magazines and none have ever been used. There is:
#My Craft Studio - Winter Wonderland volume one (looks like a lot of glamorous ladies and fairies on the front)
#DoCrafts volume 2 - flora and fauna
#Another Docrafts
#Papercraft Essentials craft collections I and II plus a 3rd called digital essentials
#Crafters Companion - sampler
#Crafters Companion- a touch of Christmas
Please leave me a comment or an e-mail if you want one.

We are nearly half-way through the month so a quick plug/reminder for By The Cute And Girly where the challenge this month is 'Cute and Girly' - here's one of my DT pieces that I made for the Dinky Diva.
One of the reasons we love our challenge is that there is no restriction on the type of craft and we try to use themes that could be followed by as many crafts as we can think of.  So if you make jewellery, needlework, paint or of course papercraft please pop along and join in with us.

That's it from me for today.  Don't forget to click over to Julia's blog and treat yourself to a cuppa and a nosey at everyone's workdesks.
** Kate **  


Wipso said...

Def a desk that a 'desk tidy' could be used on :-)
A x

Lisa Jane said...

OH lol.. i love seeing other peoples work space Kate ..make me feel ok about mine lol- think us crafters are all the same
Fab bracelet .. i just love the sweetie charms
Lisa x

Artyjen said...

Well you never know just when a bucket and spade will be needed! LOL ! Thanks for sharing
xoxo Sioux

nnalorac said...

Gosh Kate, feel so good about mine but then it never stays for long, always ends up in such a pickly. Loved the cute bracelet. Carolxx

Sherry Edwards said...

But we really do need all this stuff! Love your cute bracelet.

Sherry (103)

Karen said...

Love the bracelet, its beautiful.
Have a lovely Wednesday,
Karen #102

okienurse said...

You never can tell when some of that stuff will come in handy when you are web surfing! Nice bracelet. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

Twiglet said...

Great little bracelet!

Lisa-Jane said...

That's gorgeous Kate! And that is one messy workstation!

Kathy said...

Hi Kate Not sure if you can see this but thought I'd pop a "hello" message on in the hope....