Monday, May 23

Weekend News

Yesterday's Silent Sunday photo was of The Dinky Diva holding up her medal at the end of the local mini marathon.  She completed the 2.3k cross-country course and, despite a fall in the early stages, finished 108th out of 280 to 300 girls.

Here she is (in the red shirt) sprinting in to the finish.
The course went through the line of trees you can see running across the top of the picture.

On the crafting front a couple of bargains came my way.  The 1st was a leather swatch book from a charity shop.
These leathers are lovely quality and I have several things I would like to try and make with them.

My 2nd bargain was this WRMK pack for £2.00 at TKMaxx.
There's 8 double sided sheets of White Out papers, some Easter sticker (hence the price reduction) and 6 big eyelets/snaps, bargain!

** Kate **

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