Wednesday, May 18


It's time for another WOYWW and no doubt everyone will be gloating about how they have finished their PIF for the 2nd anniversary.  I think it stands for 'Pay it forward', but actually the procedure is more 'Pass it back', the details are on Julia's blog here.  Well I'm in the 'Haven't even started it yet!' gang, yes I know it is supposed to be ready to post on the allotted day, but right now it's very clearly in my head and I can't say for certain exactly when it will transfer into actually being a physical, tangible object.....but it will do soon, I'm sure.
Edited to add, that WIPSO is right in her comment you do go forward and I just have no idea what I am doing!  If you are playing along during week #104 (we're on week #102 now) please take your instructions direct from Julia's blog and definitely not from me!!
Here's my current desk top with lots of projects on the go.
In my haste to cover some June projects for the By The Cute And Girly crew I left an address showing which I have blotted out in the edit!  I'm hoping to use the quilting template to make a shaped card, there are some new Penny Black stamps as well as my recent PB easel card waiting to find a home.  Hidden near the bottom is a new Simply Sassy that I hope to make into a finished card by the end of the day. 

Have a happy Wednesday!
** Kate **


Lisa Jane said...

ooh i am intrigued now lol
Lisa x

Wipso said...

Aren't we sending the PIF gift to the one in the list that follows our name? Thats pay it forward isn't it? Arghhhhh am I getting it all wrong? I'm all a panic here now :-)
A x

NatashaMay said...

Oh, I love that purple background with a doily print. Happy WOYWW! :)

Andria said...

That doily stencil came out beautifully! Happy WOYWW!

April said...

Busy desk! you've got some great projects going on there! Thanks for sharing.

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

Love those stamps and that background done with the Doiliey is beautiful.
Rebecca (51) x

Linda Elbourne said...

Very nice background ... I have nt started a PIF yet either if that makes you feel better ... but then that will be because today is the first I heard about it :0)

Sunshine Girl said...

Not started my PIF yet either - have loads of time to panic!! Love the busy desk - thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl no. 40

Anonymous said...

Good old Penny Black, can't be beat, well, perhaps by House Mouse! PIF? PIB? Whatever, I thought I was done but then remembered it has to have woyww in there somewhere!

Brenda 84

Julia Dunnit said...

OOh you're busy Kate - love that easel card by the way..and the colour of the doily image...and that you're PiFless. Me too. Ideas a plenty, and only a teeny amount of panic!!

lisa said...

What a lovely, busy desk, that purple doily is fantastic. I'm pif finished phew!!!!! Yes, and I am gloating!!
Hugs Lisa #94