Monday, June 20

Father's Day Treat (and a secret confession)

As yesterday was Father's Day we all took SMO to an Invasion exhibition of sci-fi costumes and props.  The exhibition was small but considering the high profile films the items came from it was quite a gathering to have all in one place.  WARNING : lots of pictures and some of them a little bit scary!

Before we even got into the room you could here Darth Vader making that 'Shhhh-fooo' kind of noise where he struggles to breath through his mask and little people were getting excited (not to mention bigger people too!)
Here's Small-N-Grubby with his favourite exhibit.
He is a big Dr Who fan, but he is looking a little nervous as a Darth Vader has suddenly started commanding people to get on the shuttle.  Lots of the full size costumes with masks looked as thought they might move at any minute and were quite intimidating.  Although not Matt Leblanc's costume from Lost In Space, it was no taller than me, bless.  
A predator's head
The way that Stormtrooper is tilting his head really made him look like he would jump off the stand at any moment.
Mar's Attacks 
The Dinky Diva trying to act scared but getting the giggles. 
SMO meets a hero! 
And the Dinky Diva's favourite exhibit, an Ewok.  We all had a fab time and the confession................ well I guess I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek really, mainstream stuff of course, some of the films I'd never even heard of!

Just in case anyone was worried that the Branston Pickle would be scared by all the monsters, this is what he thought of the whole thing....................

** Kate **


Lisa Jane said...

oh lol what fab pics.. i am afraid i would prob have been asleep too.. i am not much of a sci fi buff lol

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Kate, wow what fabby photos! We are Sci fi mad in our house, especially Star Wars, but I love Mars Attacks, great funny film. Love the last photo, you certainly wore him out lol! hugs Heidi x