Manic Weekend

We've a bit of a manic weekend here with a hand bell concert this morning followed by 2 days of dancing exams.  This has come on the back of one of the busiest weeks I have had to date, including 2 trips to the Dinky Diva's new school.  She starts secondary school (high school) in September.  It's over twice the distance to walk and I still have to get Small-N-Grubby up to primary school, so there has been lots of running around.  We had a medieval evening at Rainbows last night, followed by the Guides practicing to put up tents for their summer camp.  There is only one word to describe me now - EXHAUSTED!

** Kate **


Lisa Jane said…
oh goodness.. make you get some crafty Me time!"
The handbell ringing sounds like fun
Lisa x

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