Race For Life - update

We survived it, although it was very hot and several people were flaked out along the course!
We chose to set off with the joggers which was a bit of a mistake as apparently jogging means to stumble along for 100 yards and then walk as soon as you get to the first hill, grrrr.  I just couldn't get into a steady rhythm, there were too many people blocking the way.  Managed to run for about 1.5km then walked for a bit across an exposed hill, then ran again once we were back in the shade.  In the end I completed the 5km course in 43 minutes, which is porbably about as good as I expected for the conditions.

The Dinky Diva diasppeared ahead of me right from the start but had a couple of friends with her.  She decided to stay with them and walk when ever one of them needed to as we hadn't got anyone waiting to meet us at the finish and she was worried about standing around on her own.  Despite this she still managed 37.5 minutes!

I would definitely do it again and have spotted 2 more 5km runs in the area this Autumn.  However, any running will have to stop for the next few weeks as some how I have managed to detach my big toe nail during the race.  I knew that my running was bruising it but perhaps all the heat on Sunday finally did for it.  A bit of time to heal and then I might have to invest in professionally fitted running shoes.

** Kate ** 


Lisa Jane said…
Well done you .. especially in the heat!
Lisa x

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