Friday, August 19


Day 3 at the Big Idea Festival and Peppermint Granberg (I've just got to stop and say 'Peppermint', what a fantastic name!) has asked us to think about 'Less'.  Well less is certainly something I could do with right now when it comes to mess!  Yes, I admit to being a messy crafter and that is never going to change, but there has to be some way to gain a little more control over my mess?  Step forward Leo Barbauta and 'The Power Of Less', he's embarking on my quest with me, I'll let you know how we get on.
For my page ideas I had written down one ink technique that I am not comfortable with, but as the ultimate in less supplies I decided that confining my page to just doodling really fitted with the subject matter.
I'm also linking this one up with the Daring Cardmakers who are looking at Banksy's style this week.  Whilst this doesn't follow his style, it is the closest I come to a free-style graffiti look.

** Kate **


Kathy said...

Closer than me to any free style graffiti, that's for sure. You've done a fine job here, Kate
Thanks for joining in with The Daring Cardmakers' "Banksy" challenge this week.

Keilly said...

Lovely card. Thanks for joining us at the Daring Cardmakers 'Banksy' challenge this week!

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Great work Kate - your free style graffiti is brilliant! Thanks for joining in with the Daring Cardmakers this week x

Vanessa Stokoe said...

Just fab - thanks for playing along with the DCM. :)

Jo said...

Love the free stylin' - looks fab :D

Zuzana Obert said...

Free style graffiti!? It looks beautiful. Thanks for playing along with DC this week.

Zuz. x x

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Love the Free Styling - nice work.

Wendy -x-

Samm said...

Great free styling and perfect for the challenge!
Thanks for joining in with my challenge and DCM this week!