Thursday, August 11

Some Long Overdue Thanks

They do say that things come in 3's.  Good things or bad things, but in my case very good things!  Last month I had 3 blog wins.  I hadn't blogged about them as I was holding out for the 3rd to arrive, but it hasn't come and I think I may have sent my response to the wrong email address.

So, long overdue thanks goes to:

Maria Therese for picking out my Simply Sassy project and sending me these lovely goodies, including one of her cards for my inspiration board.
And to Rose of In Rosie's Book for sending me this lovely commenters candy - Copics, yippee.
I think I will have to organise some candy of my own soon as I see my followers creeping towards 100!  I know how many there are, but unfortunately, I can't actually see them.  Blogger refuses to allow me to see, something to do with cookies probably.  Once it's been sorted out I'll get a candy draw under way.

** Kate **

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